Dale Reardon - Moving to Tasmania and more

Are you moving to Tasmania or interested in discrimination issues?

Dale Reardon lives in Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
Dale Reardon is currently enrolled in a Law PhD at the University of Tasmania – UTAS. The PhD is in relation to discrimination law, equality law and human rights.
If you would like to work on research in the areas of discrimination law, equality law and human rights then please contact Dale Reardon and see his full website dealing with higher education and discrimination issues.
Dale’s current seeing eye dog / guide dog is called Charlie.
Dale is married to Jo Reardon and you can learn more about our house renovations at our moving back to Tasmania and renovation blog.

Are you wanting to move to Tasmania or buy property in Tasmania?

Dale Reardon is also a Director of Settled In Home Search and Relocation Services Tasmaniaand helps those people moving to Tasmania, relocating to Tasmania or buying a house in Tasmania. Even those people renting a house in Tasmania are covered.

If you want to know more about the Tasmanian lifestyle and living in Tasmania then check out the Settled In for Moving to Tasmania website and see what living in, or relocating to Tasmania can be like.

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